Monday, 18 February 2019


Every business wants to get ahead of its rivals. Corporate video has been introduced as an effective marketing tool that is used by many aspiring business. Why do you need a corporate video?

These are short films or clips that give information about the business. For instance what products or services it provides, its unique selling points and other basic important things that are worth mentioning.

It is a better alternative when compared to text presentation on the website. People more often than not prefer to watch a video clip when compared to reading about the business. Videos attract more clicks as compared to text.

A video for business is often a short presentation that will last only for a considerably short time. Viewers will be able to get a visual summary of the business as well as get to see their desired product. This shortens the time that would otherwise be spent in deciding if the service is well worth their expectation.

First impressions matter a lot. A commercial video is a carefully compiled presentation that covers the key aspects of the business or a very specific area that the potential client might want to know more about. Since the video is directed, it is the most ideal tool to use. All flaws have been eliminated in the pre- production stage.

A powerful corporate image goes a long way. Prospects are able to judge on the overall creativity that has been invested and decide for themselves if they like the gig. Chances of securing a client or closing a sale are higher if the viewer is already impressed by the video.

Everyone deserves a laugh. A compelling visual product with a funny storyline makes it more memorable. It will likely receive more viewership which is actually a good thing.

A call to action is usually inserted at the end. The target audience can be enticed with a well meaning call to action as the clip comes to a close. Its appeal is more personal and hence better at convincing the prospect to give the company a try.

Great visuals and eloquent presentation is a good combination. Marketing requires effort and strategy in order to get mass appeal. People are able to relate more with the service or product if they see for themselves and learn about other promotional benefits being paraded.

Video clips portray transparency. Clients usually do a lot of research before finally settling on a particular company. They are aware that there are scams out there and are on the lookout for any discrepancy or anything that does not simply add up. A video is one effective tool that can dispel this fear. 
One is able to see that the company is a real entity that is run by passionate skilled personnel that understand their mandate.

Corporate video production service is an essential tool that the business can take up. It comes with many benefits over the traditional avenues. There is plenty of room on which to display the finesse or any other aspect that people might not already know about.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

benefits of corporate video

A company can benefit from a good corporate video production from an experienced and efficient video production company. Businesses need videos for various reasons, comprising training videos, promotional videos of services, promotional items or corporate videos, or informational videos for a smaller audience. The viewers of these videos are usually employees, new employees, and other companies. These videos are often security and educational videos, financial results videos, and commercials.

Corporate videos in Dubai have some direct benefits:

Corporate Communications

Corporate videos are very beneficial for press releases since you can distribute it to TV channels. This may be the next step towards company press releases.

Corporate briefings to the stakeholders

Another great benefit of corporate videos is the presentation of information to stakeholders. Stakeholders can be treated very effectively by using these videos. It can inform them about the company's next plans and stakeholder engagement.

Trade exhibitions

Company videos can be viewed at a trade show. The company's message can be displayed on a TV screen and repeated over and over again to new audiences. It helps the company effectively communicate the message to potential customers and stakeholders of the company.

A tour of the products and services provided by the company can also be effectively conducted. The end users of the product and the services can understand how valuable the company's products and services are.

Showing customer stories is one of the significant advantages of corporate videos. For example, if a company attends a trade show and expects many potential buyers for its products, it can post testimonial videos. The footage shows loyal customers who are satisfied with the product. The message can be repeated again and again. This is a convenient way to tag or position a product or service for a potential buyer.


Corporate video is an integral part of all business processes: training and safety information for employees, product and sales data for employees, and advertising and marketing videos for potential customers. These videos can be created by a quality video production company with the know-how and talent to create videos that drive the company's initiatives.

Monday, 11 February 2019

Workers on contract versus quality

How to hire the best video production company

There are many video production companies in Dubai. Finding the best company is not a walk in the park with your new girlfriend. There are many companies that promise to offer high quality services but they do not stick to the same. Many entrepreneurs have fallen victims of circumstances. Here are ways to locate the best video production in Dubai.

There are many video production companies that work with contracted employees. Getting quality videos from these companies can be tricky. It is recommended to find out whether the contracted workers are in a positon to meet your requirements before hiring their services. Ask the production house if they have been working with workers on contracts and determine whether their vision is in line with yours in order to make an informed decision in the end. In addition, you should also conduct proper research on the relationship between the workers and the firm to determine whether they are likely to fail you or not. There are some video production houses experiencing different challenges and they are on the verge of collapse. Hiring the services of such contractors is among the gravest mistakes you can make in life.

The destination of your videos 

Destination of your videos is another aspect that you cannot afford to ignore when looking for a production house. Are the videos meant to be uploaded on YouTube or your site? The destination of the video will determine the length. For instance, two minute videos are great for uploading on your site to attract more traffic over years. You can also consider 15 second teaser videos on your site to keep it more attractive to the visitors.

Don’t be misled by production demo reel

Every production house has a demo reel. Never be confused by the demo reel of the production house. Demo reels are considered one of the greatest ways to show off the potential of the company but it does not translate to what you will get at the end of the day. There are many production houses that outsource demos for the sake of attractive new customers. You need to be very careful so that you do not become a victim of fraudulent dealers. Look at the video produced by the company if you would like to get something different from the normal. Make sure that the firm has presented you with the most recent work in order to make an informed decision in the long run.

Shop around

There are different video production houses in Dubai. Do not hire the first company you come across because you think it offers quality production. Instead take time to shop around for the best. Compare the quality versus the price so that you can choose a firm that will meet your needs.


Never compromise with your budget while scouting for the best video production Dubai firm. There is always a firm that will meet your needs. Going against your budget constraint is likely to make you stuck at some point. It is, therefore, good to create a budget and make sure you have stuck on the same.